Many people new to massage will often ask, "How often should I get a massage"?

The answer is unique to each person, depending on circumstances and what they wish to achieve through massage.

For example, during a time of great stress, someone would benefit greatly from weekly massages.  Taking time to slow down and nurture yourself is a gift that will lower your stress levels and positively impact your ability to handle your stress.

When an injury, or a chronic pain, brings a person to massage, it might be more effective to see your therapist 2, or even 3 times a week for a few weeks to re-establish healthy muscle tissue and function.  This would be decided with your therapist based on the specifics of your case.

Many people love to enjoy a massage just prior to or on vacation to help them slow down and get into that optimal "easy does it" vacation mode!  So an occasional massage is an extra special treat.

For the active sports enthusiast, massage can be used as an integral part of their fitness programs.  This client may seek massage as often as possible.

One thing we can most assuredly say about massage is, you cannot overdue it!!!!   I often kid with my clients that it is a "Healthy Addiction"!

Ahhhhh!  Massage!


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